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Board of Trustees

The management of the company is the responsibility of a Board of Trustees who are elected by the Members under the terms of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Trustees serve for a maximum six year term and bring to GALVmed a wide range of expertise and knowledge from a wide range of organisations in: industry, public sector and non-governmental

Board Committees

The Board is supported by four committees. Two Committees are advisory, providing guidance to the Board (Technical Scientific and Commercial Development); and some aspects of day to day accountability and governance are delegated to the other two . The committees are: Finance & Risk and Human Resources. Each committee has its own terms of reference and membership.

GALVmed’s strategy for achievement of its charitable objectives is proposed to and approved by the Board of Trustees and endorsed by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.


The Members of GALVmed are the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association. The Members’ role is to ensure that the Board of Trustees run the charity in a transparent and effective manner.  Members exercise their role through participation at meetings.

Members are from a wide range of public bodies, private institutions including pharmaceutical companies and non-governmental organisations.


Observers from key donors and partners are invited to attend GALVmed board meetings.