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Voices from the field

PREVENT: How hatchery vaccinations are boosting poultry production in Africa

Three years since inception and with over a year left on the project, PREVENT has performed remarkably and is on track to achieving, and in some instances exceeding, its targets.

How Digital Innovation Will Unlock the Potential of Africa’s Livestock Producers

For the past few years, GALVmed has been working with a wide range of partners to create a suite of digital platforms designed to finally bridge the gaps between the animal health industry and the continent’s small-scale producers.

ONELab - Diagnostic Solution to Small-scale Poultry Farming

In 2020, LAPROVET, a Ceva Santé Animale group company, partnered with GALVmed and launched the OneLab initiative, a programme to develop a network of private veterinary laboratories in Senegal to facilitate access to diagnostic tools.

African woman smiling and holding a chicken

A Rising Tide Doesn’t Lift All Boats: Why Africa’s Livestock Intensification Can’t Leave Women Behind

As Africa endeavours to intensify its livestock production to meet food security goals, it is imperative to address these gender disparities to avoid unintended consequences and ensure equitable development.

Women with goat

Invest in Women to Accelerate Progress

International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on the gender disparities that hinder women’s opportunities worldwide, while advocating for policies and strategies that pave the path to gender equality.

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