900m lives depend on livestock

GALVmed aims to make a significant contribution towards transformational change in the smallholder livestock health landscape by developing a portfolio of high impact products and initiating a range of private sector market initiatives operating at scale in the smallholder sector.

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Tribute to Professor Olanrewaju 'Ola' Smith

With great sadness the GALVmed community received the news that Professor Olanrewaju Smith passed away on April 8, 2021. Professor Olanrewaju “Ola” Smith joined the Board of GALVmed in 2013 and was a Trustee through to September 2019 upon reaching the maximum statutory period of 2 terms of 3 years.

From 2017 to 2019 Ola was a Co-Chair of the Board, a period of significant change for GALVmed.

On the Board Ola contributed significantly to GALVmed’s achievements over the years, influencing how GALVmed is today. As a trained veterinarian with postgraduate qualifications in Animal and Poultry Nutrition and many research publications in that field, Ola brought important expertise to the Board’s discussions. Even more important was his personal approach which was instrumental in bringing colleagues together as an effective team. Ola was a true gentleman and an excellent listener and observer. With his gentle approach he put his colleagues on the Board, and the organisation, at ease which encouraged everyone to excel. The GALVmed community is very diverse in gender, ethnicity and professional background. Leading people of completely different backgrounds through a process of change is a challenge in itself. With his excellent interpersonal capabilities Ola was the right person in the right place and at the right moment.  He contributed greatly to building the foundations of the renewed vision of GALVmed focusing on the future of small-scale livestock producers.

Ola served as the Chair of the Policy & External Affairs Committee and was a member of the Technical Scientific and Finance and Risk committees. He contributed significantly to prioritisation, which resulted in GALVmed’s successes in regulatory harmonization in Africa and policy areas, including  veterinary paraprofessionals, essential for bringing animal health solutions for rural farmers and small-scale livestock producers.

Over the years Ola became a true friend to all of us and we will miss him dearly. We will cherish the memories of all the enjoyable moments we had together. We are deeply grateful for all that Ola did for GALVmed as an institution, and for us as individuals. May he rest in peace.

We wish Ola’s children, family and friends the strength to cope with the loss of their loved one.

The GALVmed community.


COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

GALVmed is keeping a close watch on the COVID-19 situation across the world and has adopted precautionary measures in line with government guidance.  GALVmed staff have been instructed to follow regional advice and work from home in keeping with local government recommendations.  GALVmed also cancelled all business travel and face-to-face meetings until further notice.  This is to minimize health risks to our staff, their families, partners and society at large.

It is our aim to maintain business-as-usual, but ask for your understanding should the current COVID-19 epidemic lead to any delays or disruptions in business matters.

Our work

Product development

GALVmed specialises in product development partnerships uniquely established to translate global research progress into tangible livestock disease control tools for the developing world.

Commercial development

Our work with our partners supports the small-scale livestock producers of the world.

Policy and advocacy

The policy environment is a key determinant in the successful translation of research products to livestock health solutions that are sustainably available to small-scale livestock producers.


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