Working towards gender inclusion in livestock

Livestock is a doorway to promoting women’s success and empowerment, however, gender norms and systemic unequal access to resources hamper women’s ability to thrive in the livestock business. Gender inclusion seeks to transform systemic and structural barriers so we can build a better and more equitable world.

Blog: What could gender inclusion in livestock health look like?

Our Vision

Transformational improvement in the well-being and economic progression of small-scale livestock producers.

Our Mission

We will contribute to the transformation of small-scale livestock producers’ lives by:

  • understanding the constraints to animal health and how to overcome them;
  • engaging the animal health industry; and
  • ensuring awareness, availability and adoption of effective animal health interventions.

Our work

Product development

GALVmed specialises in product development partnerships uniquely established to translate global research progress into tangible livestock disease control tools for the developing world.

Commercial development

Our work with our partners supports the small-scale livestock producers of the world.

Enabling Environment

An enabling environment that allows for the successful translation of research products to sustainable animal health solutions for small scale livestock producers is essential to achieving GALVmed’s mission.


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What could gender inclusion in livestock health look like?  

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