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Groundbreaking Initiative Will Optimize Livestock Farmer and Veterinarian Partnerships

Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines and VetNOW Will Focus on Safety, Security, and Resiliency of Global Food Supply Chain “Connected Care” Technology Platform Designed to Achieve Increased Productivity, Profitability and Sustainability Pilot Program in Kenya to Launch in August 2024; First in Multi-Country Plan  Cape Town, South Africa (April 19, 2024) – A new […]

Empowering Investors: GALVmed and Agnexus Africa Lead the Charge with Market Intelligence Platform (MIP) for African Animal Health

In a world of significant technology advancements, data is becoming increasingly important. Data serves as the foundation for machine learning models to identify trends and patterns, which is often used to make decisions. In animal health, data can be used to improve efficiency and profitability of value chain actors based on sound, evidence-based decisions. “There […]

GALVmed 2023: A Year in Review

We are pleased to present GALVmed’s Year in Review for 2023. This comprehensive report summarises the accomplishments and milestones that shaped the course of our journey and endeavours over the past year. From product and market development to critical partnerships and regulatory advancements, this report reflects our team’s dedication and collective efforts, contributing to the […]

MAHABA Initiative and Stakeholders Collaborate to Address Tick Control in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda. (December 12, 2023) – In a collaborative effort to combat the impact of ticks and tick-borne diseases (TBDs) in Uganda’s livestock industry, the Managing Animal Health and Acaricides for a Better Africa (MAHABA) Initiative, along with key stakeholders, convened on December 6th and 7th to prioritize key areas for tick control, as an […]

GALVmed and Elanco to convene stakeholder meeting on sustainable tick control and acaricide management in Uganda

GALVmed and Elanco Animal Health will convene stakeholders on sustainable tick control and acaricide management in Kampala, Uganda. The event which will be held on the December 6 and 7, 2023, will bring together participants closely working on animal health including representatives from Uganda government agencies, dairy sectors, veterinarians and paravets, academia, finance, NGOs and […]

GALVmed teams up with Boehringer, Gates Foundation for AAT alliance

News originally published by S&P Global Multiple partners have created a taskforce to tackle African animal trypanosomiasis. S&P Global’s head of animal health Joseph Harvey spoke to GALVmed’s AAT development program manager Michael Pearce to garner more details about this new alliance. A new collaboration has brought together partners from industry, academia and government to […]

Appointment of new Head of Research & Development

GALVmed is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Karelle de Luca as Head of Research & Development, effective August 27th, 2023. Dr de Luca is a researcher with deep knowledge, expertise and connections in the fields of immunology & vaccinology. Curious and determined to make a tangible difference through her work, she comes to […]

New partnership working on solutions to combat African animal trypanosomiasis

Edinburgh, UK.   African animal trypanosomiasis (AAT), also known as nagana, is a substantial socio-economic burden to livestock farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, affecting and killing millions of cattle every year. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK Government Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, Boehringer Ingelheim and GALVmed have joined forces to find a new […]

PREVENT launches Hatchery Field Technicians training in Rwanda

On July 12, the PREVENT project launched a Hatchery Field Technicians training programme in Rwanda as part of its activities and efforts to establish an innovative veterinary health platform in Africa through medium-size hatchery vaccination. Since its inception in 2021, PREVENT is collaborating with various medium-sized hatcheries across 8 countries in Africa to provide high-quality, […]

Achieving Harmonisation: Workshop on Veterinary Vaccine Registration Standards in Africa

On 3-5 July, AU-PANVAC in collaboration with the Nigeria Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) and GALVmed organised in Abuja, Nigeria the workshop “Harmonization of Standards for Registration of Veterinary Vaccines and Certification of Vaccine Manufacturing Facilities in Africa”. The workshop sought to review the technical requirements and standards for registration of veterinary vaccines in Africa and […]

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