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There is a strong link between human and animal health. About 60 percent of all human infectious diseases are transmitted from animals. According to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 3 out of 5 emerging infectious diseases of humans are also caused by infection transmitted from animals.  

GALVmed & Zoonoses

Zoonotic diseases are animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans. GALVmed works on three neglected zoonotic diseases that have severe constraints on small-scale agriculture in Africa and South Asia. These diseases are: BrucellosisPorcine Cysticercosis, Rift Valley Fever.

Vector-borne zoonotic diseases are becoming a major public health concern. In fact, scientists estimate that more than 6 out of every 10 infectious diseases in humans are spread from animals. Emerging Infectious Disease outbreaks have risen rapidly over the last decade and are a major cost to the global economy. As stated in a Nature journal article titled “Global trends in emerging infectious diseases”, “The main source of EIDs is zoonotic transmission, accounting for 60 percent of all outbreaks.”

At GALVmed, we work with partners to provide affordable and accessible animal health products, vaccines and diagnostics to the millions of those who rely on livestock as a lifeline in Africa and South Asia. We do this through research and development; commercial development; policy and advocacy.


Videos, blog articles, news, and peer-reviewed publications on GALVmed’s zoonotic diseases work.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Porcine Cysticercosis

Rift Valley Fever