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GALVmed’s commercial development activities are underwritten by the willingness of smallholders to pay the market price for effective livestock health products (particularly vaccines).  It is this commercial principle that will allow GALVmed to achieve its ultimate vision of vaccines and other essential animal health products being widely available to smallholders around the globe. However, before this market-driven outcome can become a reality, GALVmed needs to undertake two broad areas of work.

This starts with small-scale pilot and field projects undertaken in specific African and Asian locations to establish:

  • Smallholder willingness to pay for specific products
  • Rural retailers in village settings’ willingness and ability to stock products
  • Vaccinators ability to administer the product and make a reasonable financial return
  • The impact and benefits accruing to smallholders from using the product.

The next step is taken when these small field projects have demonstrated overall economic viability, then larger market initiatives can be developed to bring in private vaccine manufacturers and other commercial players (e.g. distributors) to achieve and sustain scale. This is done in a phased partnership approach to assist the commercial partner to branch out to new market areas – the smallholder market segment at the village and peri-urban setting.

The overall objective of the commercial development function is therefore to demonstrate that the smallholder sector is a viable market segment that can be commercially targeted for profit. In this way, hundreds of millions of smallholders around the world can have access to affordable and vitally needed agricultural inputs – livestock vaccines and medicines.