Kenya makes strides towards forming an animal health association

On 9 October 2017, the Global Alliance for Livestock and Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) convened a half day meeting in Nairobi with 22 private sector representatives, including livestock product manufacturers, distributors and importers, to discuss how Kenya’s first animal health industry association should be structured and run. Participants explored the economic feasibility of forming an animal […]

Good rearing practices improve goat farming in Uttar Pradesh

Goat keepers in the western regions of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have reared ruminants for hundreds of years, with virtually all households owning up to five goats on average. However, many such goat keepers have no understanding of such illnesses affecting goats as Peste de Petits Ruminants (PPR) or goat plague that […]

The mobile vet: Bringing healthier livestock to India’s rural farmers

Housed in a colourful mobile van, an agro-veterinary clinic is now a regular feature in distant tribal parts of Jharkhand state in India. In many parts of Jharkhand, such as the East Singbhum district, it reaches remote hamlets devoid of concrete roads or mobile phone networks. The mobile veterinary clinic is run by Birsa Yuva […]

Indian state sets example for innovative use of mobile veterinary services

See also the video post The mobile vet: Bringing healthier livestock to India’s rural farmers. In remote areas of India, access to veterinary services is often difficult. Tribal livestock farmers have to travel far from their villages when there is a dire need of treatment for their animals. This has adversely affected livestock farming in […]

GALVmed and Sokoine University of Agriculture hold CCPP workshop for Tanzanian animal health professionals

GALVmed jointly organised a workshop in Arusha, Tanzania, with Sokoine University of Agriculture recently to raise awareness of Contagious Caprine Pleuro-Pneumonia (CCPP) among animal health service delivery stakeholders. The workshop was based on a baseline study that GALVmed had commissioned in 2013/14 and conducted by the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), to obtain information on […]

Key technology partner gets nod in prestigious UK parliament publication

One of GALVmed’s key technology partners has been included in this year’s edition of a prestigious UK government publication. Cambridge-based biopharmaceutical company Arecor is profiled in the Technology edition of the Parliamentary Review as an example of ‘an outstanding organisation and growth company’. Established by former minister Rt Hon David Curry shortly after the 2010 […]

Impact study of dewormers in goats and chickens in India and Tanzania

GALVmed recently commissioned a study to comparatively assess weight gain in poultry and small ruminants following treatment or non-treatment with dewormers. Intestinal parasites (helminths) pose a considerable burden to the smallholder livestock farmer. Dewormers (anthelminthics) should therefore be a regularly administered veterinary product. Current and future GALVmed market development initiatives all promote the use of […]

All female poultry vaccinators in Ethiopia

An all-female vaccinator group is tackling a deadly poultry disease in Ethiopia. The Newcastle Disease vaccine project in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia started in January 2017. Its objective was to introduce and implement a Newcastle Disease vaccination and general poultry health and management programme. In 30 districts in Tigray through female village vaccinators, […]

National Immunization Awareness Month in the spotlight

Our partners over at the Belgium-based organisation Health for Animals have been highlighting the importance of immunisation recently under the theme of vaccines that are ‘changing the world’ to coincide with National Immunization Awareness Month – currently running in the US throughout August. Their recent blog post Five immunizations that are changing the world includes […]

Improving the livelihoods of Malawian vaccinators and poultry farmers

A community vaccinators association in Malawi is increasing the capacities and incomes of local vaccinators, whilst helping poultry farmers maintain the health of their chickens and boost their income from poultry keeping. At the Nathenje Community Vaccinators Association (NCVA), vaccinators are receiving training in improved poultry production practices, the control of Newcastle Disease (ND) and […]