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Tryps Experts Combine Expertise

Back Row, from left to right: Tim Rowan (GALVmed Consultant), Philippe Buscher (Department of Parasitology, Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Antwerpen), Stefan Magez (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Mike Witty (GALVmed Chair), Alasdair Swift (UK’s Department for International Develpoment [DFID]), Christine Clayton (Univ Heidelberg,Germany). Front Row, from left to right: Francis Oloo (Consultant), Baptiste Dungu (GALVmed), Robert Don (Discovery & […]

Street Theatre in Orissa Creating Vaccine Awareness

Traditional street theatre is being staged in Orissa, India to share key messages about the relevance to local communities of Newcastle Disease (known locally as Marudi), Peste de Petits Ruminants (PPR) and interventions available to tackle these diseases. PRADAN, the experienced implementing partner for GALVmed’s Newcastle Disease pilot project recognises street theatre as a culturally […]

The Kenyan Dream Initiative

GALVmed’s Kenyan Dream Initiative campaign is an innovative multi-media advocacy initiative which aims to challenge attitudes to livestock amongst both the nation’s young people and policymakers in an inclusive way. It builds on the finding from pre-campaign research that seven out of every ten Kenyans see livestock as a key to creating prosperous future livelihoods – or, […]

Zoetis Fellow, Nancy Ng, Blogs on Working with GALVmed

Please click here to view the blog, under the ‘Blog’ link and select Nancy Ng.

UNDP-EMRC AgriBusiness Forum

This year, the UNDP-EMRC AgriBusiness Forum will focus on “Engaging the Private Sector for Africa’s Agri-Food Growth”, following the recent international policies focusing on ensuring inclusive agricultural strategies. The success of Africa depends on the success of its private sector, and EMRC encourages the international community of entrepreneurs, donors, financiers, civil society and officials to become fully involved […]

New chair at GALVmed as focus moves to delivery at scale

GALVmed, the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines, is pleased to announce that Dr Shadrack Moephuli has become chair of the board.  Dr Moephuli is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Agriculture Research Council (ARC) of South Africa, where he has worked to elevate the organisation to be a world-class leader in agricultural research and […]

Gender Workshop Nairobi 18-19 October 2011

Recognising the importance of gender issues in relation to poor livestock keepers in resource-poor situations, GALVmed is today bringing together stakeholders and experts on Gender for a two day workshop in Nairobi.  As an initial step towards formulating its gender strategy and implementation plan, GALVmed commissioned reports (available online) written by Beth A. Miller, DVM […]

Global collaboration to produce vaccine to help prevent epilepsy in the developing world

The first industrially produced vaccine against porcine cysticercosis is eagerly anticipated as a result of a new partnership between GALVmed, Indian Immunologicals Limited (IIL) and the University of Melbourne. The tapeworm Taenia solium is a human parasite with the intermediate host being the pig. Globally, the parasite is estimated to cause 50 million human cases of taeniasis […]

Interim CEO

Interim CEO Steve Sloan’s last official function as GALVmed CEO was on 1 December 2011 when he attended the commissioning event for the equipment and facilities provided to the National Veterinary Institute, Ethiopia under the VACNADA programme. The process for recruiting Steve’s successor is currently underway. Meanwhile an Interim CEO has been appointed – Professor […]

Interview with Dr Johan Vanhemelrijck at the GALVmed WHO Conference