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Vaccines for the Control of Neglected Animal Diseases in Africa (VACNADA) is a partnership of the Pan African Veterinary Vaccine Centre of the Africa Union (AU-PANVAC) and CIRAD (the French agricultural research for development organisation). GALVmed is responsible for providing a range of capacity building activities to eight vaccine producing laboratories in sub-Saharan Africa through a €6.9million grant.

GALVmed recently organised and delivered a marketing and business skills workshop for the laboratories involved in the VACNADA programme. This was held in Nairobi at the beginning of June 2011.

In addition to the skills and knowledge
 that was shared at the event the delegates, pictured above, really valued the opportunity to network with their peers.

Minister praises VACNADA programme at GALVmed workshop

The Kenya Minister for Livestock Development, Mohamed said:

“I am made to understand that in the VACNADA project implementation partnership, GALVmed is focusing on improving production capacity and quality for the selected vaccines for the neglected animal diseases in Africa, andstrengthening distribution systems and vaccination market surveys. As a result of the GALVmed implemented activities  vaccination market surveys and strengthening vaccines distribution systems, this workshop has been organized to review and discuss how the findings affect the participating vaccine producing institutions and how a market modelling tool may be acquired and used by the various institutions for strategic management of vaccines production and distribution.

I am also confident that taking into account the various activities of the different implementing partners, the VACNADA project will achieve the expected results which are: procurement of vaccines from African laboratories and supply to selected target countries of targeted animal populations against the selected diseases improvement of production capacity and quality of selected vaccines within Africa and strengthening of independent laboratory quality systems on the African continent.

I wish to thank you for coming to Kenya to share your experiences on veterinary vaccines marketing issues… Once again our sincere thanks go to the European Union for the support rendered in this and many other efforts in the livestock industry on the African continent.”

VACNADA equipment starts to make an impact

New laminar flow equipment, provided under the VACNADA programme, is now in use at the Institute Senegalais de Recherches Agricoles-Laboratoire National De L’Elevage et des Recherches Vétérinaires (ISRA/LNERV) in Dakar-Hann, Senegal.

GALVmed has also just concluded contract negotiations with LSI PVT Ltd for the supply and installation of a new lyophiliser at KEVEVAPI in Kenya. The value of contract is US$ 297,825 funded under the VACNADA programme.