New Delhi meeting to discuss Newcastle Disease vaccines & learning opportunities in South Asia & Africa

  (10th March 2015) Newcastle Disease (ND) is a deadly, contagious disease that kills many backyard poultry in South Asia and Africa.However, there is an inexpensive vaccine available to livestock keepers in South Asia and Africa. GALVmed, the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines, and its various partners in South Asia and Africa work to raise […]

Global conference to discuss improving African regulatory convergence for veterinary product registration

A global conference will bring leading figures from government, academia, international organisations and the animal health sector to share challenges and solutions for improving regulatory convergence for veterinary product registration. The 4th Global Animal Health Conference will focus on developing countries and on how to create the widest availability of high quality, safe and efficient products in these markets – […]

Newcastle disease workshop to provide learning opportunities between Africa and South Asia

A Newcastle Disease (ND) workshop will be held on 12-14 March in India to facilitate cross learning between our African and Asian Newcastle vaccination projects. The event is organised by GALVmed. The event will be attended by our project partners (including manufacturers and animal healthdistributers) and project managers. The objective of the workshop will be to review the different […]

GALVmed’s East Coast Fever Position Paper

GALVmed outlines its position on the current East Coast Fever Infection and Treatment Method (ECF-ITM), provides a brief history on ECF-ITM , discusses its partnership work with the Centre for Ticks and Tick-Borne Diseases and sets out future organisational goals. Please click on the link to view/download the GALVmed Position Paper on ECF.

100,000 households to benefit from new Newcastle Disease vaccination partnership launched in India

Heifer International have partnered with GALVmed to bring the Newcastle Disease vaccination in all backyard poultry belonging to 100,000 households in the Mayurbhanj district of Orissa, India. “Controlling Newcastle Disease will result in more chicks, more nutrition and more income to households of the project area,” said Peetambar Kushwaha, South Asia Project Manager at GALVmed. […]

New UK veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases

The UK Veterinary Vaccinology Networkwas recently created to bring together major UK research players in veterinary vaccinology. The network will facilitate the uptake of new technologies to design, develop and deliver safe and effective next-generation vaccines against new and (re)emerging diseases. “There is huge potential to improve animal welfare, human health and the economic performance of […]

GALVmed welcomes new staff

In the last month, we’ve added two new staff members to our Edinburgh and Africa offices. Rabogajane Busang joined us in Edinburgh as the Contracts and Intellectual Assets Manager. Rabogajane has previously worked with a leading intellectual property law firm, the South African Medical Research Council and a European Union-funded intellectual property research project. Our […]

International Conference to address viral disease that kills millions of goats and sheep

(28 November 2014) Delegates from around the world will be meeting to discuss the challenges and opportunities for controlling a deadly viral disease that kills small animals, particularly goats and sheep. Known with its scientific name as the Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) this disease is currently a threat to nearly 135 million goats and 65 million […]

GALVmed welcomes new staff

It’s been a busy autumn for GALVmed as we welcomed six new staff members. Jeremy Salt, our Senior Director of Research and Development (R&D), has joined us from after working for 17 years at Pfizer Animal Health. Jeremy will head our R&D department and is based in our Edinburgh office. “I have watched GALVmed become […]

2014 William Hunting Award honours development of a low-cost, heat-stable Newcastle Disease vaccine tablet

(29th October 2014) The 2014 William Hunting award was recently presented to a cadre of scientists for their crucial work in developing a low-cost, heat-stable vaccine tablet formulation for Newcastle disease, one of the biggest threats to rural poultry globally. The peer-reviewed Veterinary Record journal of the British Veterinary Association presents the Hunting Award annually to a […]

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