Public-private partnership created to support poultry and small ruminants’ vaccine provision in Jharkhand, India

GALVmed is collaborating with commercial animal health company, Hester Biosciences Limited and the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) to extend poultry and small ruminant vaccination and health care services in remote areas of Jharkhand, India. This vaccine delivery collaboration is a first of its kind for a public-private partnership in India. Under this agreement, […]

New drugs to fight Nagana

Animal African Trypanosomosis (AAT), widely known in Africa as nagana, is a deadly scourge of livestock, killing an estimated 3 million cattle each year, as well as many sheep and goats. Spread in the bite of tsetse flies, and caused – like malaria – by a blood-dwelling protozoan parasite, the disease causes fever, severe anaemia […]

New funding for East Coast Fever vaccine diluent improvement

A new East Coast Fever vaccine diluent improvement project will be undertaken by GALVmed in partnership with the Malawi-based Centre for Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases (CTTBD) and the British-based biotechnology company, Arecor. This three-way partnership will begin the project in the first quarter of 2016. This project represents a unique opportunity to translate British technology […]

GALVmed search for partners to commercialise Fast Dissolving Tablet Formulation of Newcastle Disease Vaccine

GALVmed collaborated with PATH, a Seattle-based charity working on health care innovations in developing countries, to develop a live LaSota strain Newcastle Disease vaccine that can be freeze dried as tablets in blister packs, sealed and stored at 4-8 degrees Celsius. The tablets can easily dissolve in water, which can then be administered via eye […]

GALVmed welcomes new Policy & External Affairs Manager

We are once again delighted to welcome a new staff member to the GALVmed team! Julius Singoma has joined us as our Policy and External Affairs Manager and will be supporting our Policy & External Affairs department in promoting advocacy and policy work. He will be based in our Nairobi office. Julius previously worked at […]

The role of para-professionals in the delivery of veterinary services in Africa

(9th October 2015) Efficient surveillance, early detection and rapid response to animal disease outbreaks are key steps for maintaining animal health, protecting human health and securing the income of poor rural populations. To further discuss these key steps, a conference will gather representatives of the African veterinarian authorities, veterinary para-professional associations and federations to strengthen […]

GALVmed attends Pan-African Dairy Conference

GALVmed recently participated in the 11th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya from the September 23rd to 25th 2015. This year’s conference theme was ‘Retooling for Posterity’ and it discussed the different complimentary roles played by key stakeholders for the benefit of dairy productivity in Africa and how those […]

GALVmed recognises World Rabies Day

Nearly all deaths from rabies – the majority being children – are in Africa and Asia. A course of post-exposure treatment will save children. However, in the world’s poorest communities, this can cost much more than the monthly household income. Families will often sell their livestock, which they depend on for their food and livelihood, […]

GALVmed’s 2014/15 Year in Review

(31st August 2015) As we ended the financial year 2014/15, we take stock of our progress towards the delivery of livestock vaccines and other health products to poor people in Africa and South Asia. This Year in Review documents some of the key momentums over the past year as well as highlights of activities undertaken by […]

Newcastle Disease vaccination training programme for backyard poultry

GALVmed recently facilitated a two day training programme organised by Hester Biosciences for its team members. GALVmed is currently partnering with Hester in the setting up of a supply and distribution system of their thermos-tolerant Newcastle Disease vaccine in three states in India. A total of ten people from Odisha and Jharkhand were trained on […]