Researchers on a mission to improve the East Coast Fever vaccine

(15th February 2015) GALVmed recently held a workshop Nairobi (19-20 January 2017) to discuss ongoing research to improve the East Coast Fever (ECF) vaccine. The vaccine, commonly known as Infection and Treatment Method (ITM)  was developed in mid-70s and since then new tools have been developed   to characterise the vaccine strains/stocks and provide new knowledge […]

New GALVmed report on requirements, processes to register veterinary products in Africa & South Asia

As part of GALVmed’s regulatory harmonisation efforts, a new document was developed to provide a summarised overview of the country requirements and procedures needed to register veterinary products in 30 African and South Asian countries. Registering veterinary medicines through the current processes is cumbersome, often unpredictable and time consuming. The new report is a resource […]

US $30 million prize launched to develop a B. melitensis vaccine

GALVmed and AgResults are delighted to announce the launch of the Brucellosis Vaccine Initiative, a US $30 million prize competition aimed at incentivising animal health companies to develop a vaccine against brucellosis to be used mainly in developing countries. The prize – one of the largest of its kind – is funded by AgResults, a […]

Inaugural World Animal Vaccination Day launched 20 April 2016

World Animal Vaccination Day promotes the importance of vaccination in all animals. More than 100 animal diseases can be prevented through vaccination, helping to protect many species including dogs, cats, cattle, swine, poultry, horses, sheep, exotic pets, fish and wild animals. The Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) focuses on 12 neglected livestock diseases […]

GALVmed partnership work highlighted as a catalyst for development

A recent Guardian article has showcased the research, technical innovation and knowledge-sharing partnership between the UK Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that is aimed at transforming the lives of the world’s poorest people. The Gates Foundation invests more than £350m a year in global health research and has contributed over £370m in […]

Public-private partnership created to support poultry and small ruminants’ vaccine provision in Jharkhand, India

GALVmed is collaborating with commercial animal health company, Hester Biosciences Limited and the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) to extend poultry and small ruminant vaccination and health care services in remote areas of Jharkhand, India. This vaccine delivery collaboration is a first of its kind for a public-private partnership in India. Under this agreement, […]

New drugs to fight Nagana

Animal African Trypanosomosis (AAT), widely known in Africa as nagana, is a deadly scourge of livestock, killing an estimated 3 million cattle each year, as well as many sheep and goats. Spread in the bite of tsetse flies, and caused – like malaria – by a blood-dwelling protozoan parasite, the disease causes fever, severe anaemia […]

New funding for East Coast Fever vaccine diluent improvement

A new East Coast Fever vaccine diluent improvement project will be undertaken by GALVmed in partnership with the Malawi-based Centre for Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases (CTTBD) and the British-based biotechnology company, Arecor. This three-way partnership will begin the project in the first quarter of 2016. This project represents a unique opportunity to translate British technology […]

GALVmed search for partners to commercialise Fast Dissolving Tablet Formulation of Newcastle Disease Vaccine

GALVmed collaborated with PATH, a Seattle-based charity working on health care innovations in developing countries, to develop a live LaSota strain Newcastle Disease vaccine that can be freeze dried as tablets in blister packs, sealed and stored at 4-8 degrees Celsius. The tablets can easily dissolve in water, which can then be administered via eye […]

GALVmed welcomes new Policy & External Affairs Manager

We are once again delighted to welcome a new staff member to the GALVmed team! Julius Singoma has joined us as our Policy and External Affairs Manager and will be supporting our Policy & External Affairs department in promoting advocacy and policy work. He will be based in our Nairobi office. Julius previously worked at […]