Home News General TribeCo receives six million poultry vaccine doses from Ceva

TribeCo, GALVmed’s animal distribution partner in Ghana, recently took possession of six million doses of various poultry vaccines from veterinary health company Ceva Santé Animale. The consignment, which was delivered in early December 2021 is part of Tribecovet’s strategy to source livestock and poultry vaccines and medicines directly from manufacturers, to increase its profitability and to supply the products at affordable prices for the benefit of small-scale livestock producers in rural Ghana. TribeCo works very closely with local veterinary officials on the distribution of the vaccines.

The vaccines included in the consignment offer protection against Gumboro, Newcastle and Fowl Pox.

TribeCo is still a relatively new animal health distribution company. It was formed in 2020 as part of GALVmed’s partnership with last-mile veterinary delivery company in Ghana, Cowtribe Technology Limited. The main aim is to increase supply of animal health products to small-scale livestock producers, through a network of rural agrovets.

TribeCo commenced trading in September 2020, mainly sourcing its products from local manufacturers or established importers. The business has seen small increments in its growth and has since expanded to serve about 60 agrovets. In 2020, it also launched its business-to-business (B2B) platform that allows the agrovets to order animal health products directly from the company. However, as a fledgling business, its income margin is still small, which is a major huddle to the business achieving profitability and expanding. The company is now pursuing a sourcing strategy aimed at getting its supply of products directly from manufacturers, including the global animal health companies.

With this consignment, the company is expected to realise improved margins which will contribute to sustainability.

According to the executive Director of TribeCo, Dr Jonathan Amakye-Anim, this is a great milestone for the team and the company and a promising future ahead. He added that, “Within the first one week, we had already distributed over a million doses of the consignment. This indicates a high market acceptability which is largely due to the credibility and trust the partners, (Cowtribe technology and La Veterinary clinic) established with stakeholders over the years, coupled with the establishment of top-notch cold chain and delivery infrastructure – the real business has just started and the future is exciting.”