Home News General GALVmed search for partners to commercialise Fast Dissolving Tablet Formulation of Newcastle Disease Vaccine

GALVmed collaborated with PATH, a Seattle-based charity working on health care innovations in developing countries, to develop a live LaSota strain Newcastle Disease vaccine that can be freeze dried as tablets in blister packs, sealed and stored at 4-8 degrees Celsius. The tablets can easily dissolve in water, which can then be administered via eye drops or in drinking water.

This novel formulation technology offers the benefits of small pack sizes and greater flexibility for backyard farmers in developing countries and GALVmed hopes it will expand the use of the Newcastle Disease vaccine in those markets. Many Newcastle Disease vaccines are currently only available in large pack sizes suitable for large-scale commercial poultry farms, which are not suitable for backyard farmers.

GALVmed is interested in entering into discussion with parties able to commercialise Newcastle Disease Vaccine using this fast dissolving tablet technology.

For further information, read our Fast dissolving tablet presentation of live newcastle disease vaccines  or contact Martyn Breeze on martyn.breeze@galvmed.org.