Home News General Sharing awareness of East Coast fever Vaccine in Malawi on the Radio

To increase awareness of East Coast fever (ECF) vaccine in Malawi, GALVmed has collaborated with a radio station in Lilongwe to produce advertisements in the local languages of Chichewa and Tumbuka.  The adverts, which share the good news that just one safe and effective ECF vaccination provides lifelong protection for a calf or cow against ECF, also lets listeners in Malawi know where they can access the product.  We are making these broadcasts available here on the GALVmed website for interest and kindly invite you to draw them to the attention of livestock farmers and anyone that you think might benefit from the information. We would also ask that you please offer feedback as to how you have used these broadcasts to improve ECF awareness in Malawi and other neighbouring countries.

Chichewa advert

Tumbuka advert