Home News General Newcastle Disease vaccination training programme for backyard poultry

GALVmed recently facilitated a two day training programme organised by Hester Biosciences for its team members. GALVmed is currently partnering with Hester in the setting up of a supply and distribution system of their thermos-tolerant Newcastle Disease vaccine in three states in India. A total of ten people from Odisha and Jharkhand were trained on Newcastle Disease vaccination and other important aspects of backyard poultry rearing. This team will extend training to on-ground vaccinators and poor poultry keepers in their respective assigned project areas. The trainers emphasised the socio-economic importance of backyard poultry which is reinforced through vaccination to safeguard the poultry. During the training, the complexities of adult learning were highlighted and suitable methodologies were discussed for efficient communication with vaccinators and farmers. The selection of vaccinators was emphasised with detailed discussions on characteristics of a good vaccinator. The operational aspects of vaccination drives were also discussed in groups.

The trainers also focused on the importance of cold chain and its maintenance by different stakeholders. The Hester team is responsible for delivering quality vaccine to the end user making it absolutely important that they understand the proper channels of vaccine transportation and handling.

The trainees also had the opportunity to obtain practical handling of vaccine reconstitution and vaccination of live birds. They were also taken through an example of bespoke reporting systems to enable them work more efficiently and be able to properly manage vaccinators in their respective areas.