Home News General New UK veterinary vaccinology network will help tackle threat of animal diseases

The UK Veterinary Vaccinology Networkwas recently created to bring together major UK research players in veterinary vaccinology. The network will facilitate the uptake of new technologies to design, develop and deliver safe and effective next-generation vaccines against new and (re)emerging diseases.

“There is huge potential to improve animal welfare, human health and the economic performance of the UK livestock industries by developing new vaccines for widespread infectious diseases caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses,” said Dr Bryan Charleston, head of the Livestock Viral Diseases Programme at The Pirbright Institute and the Veterinary Vaccinology Network Coordinator. “The network will facilitate and promote coordination of research in this important field to generate the scientific knowledge and discoveries needed for a step change in veterinary vaccinology.”

“We have an excellent breadth of skills in this area across the UK but a strategic, concerted effort is required to improve animal health, ensure global food security and reduce the impact of animal diseases on public health,” said Professor Melanie Welham, BBSRC’s Science Director. “The network will advance the field by sharing resources, encouraging collaboration between experts in veterinary and medical sciences and establishing links with industry.”

The network includes experts from the Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency, Cambridge Veterinary School, Edinburgh University, GALVmed, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Moredun Research Institute Oxford University, The Pirbright Institute, The Roslin Institute, The Royal Veterinary College and the University of Stirling.

The network will be hosting the 1st Veterinary Vaccinology Network Conference in the UK. The conference will discuss vaccine advancement and will provide a forum for innovative vaccine research. The conference will be held on the 16-17 February 2015. Find out more here.