Home News General New Director General of ILRI Visits GALVmed in Gaborone

Dr Jimmy Smith, the new Director General of ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) visited GALVmed’s office in Gaborone, Botswana on Wednesday 24th April.  After an introduction to GALVmed staff, Dr. Smith met with GALVmed’s Senior Director for Policy & External Affairs, Dr Hameed Nuru.

Dr Smith was on a courtesy call to the region and GALVmed was one of the key partners visited during his trip to Botswana. The short talk centred on strengthening the ILRI/GALVmed partnership in relation to the fact that both organisations have new leaders, new strategic plans and very complementary mandates.  Hameed commented:

“We really appreciate the fact that Jimmy Smith took the time to come to the GALVmed offices in Gaborone.  An international statesman, Dr Smith knows the emphasis that many of us place in face to face communication.  ILRI and GALVmed continue to work together and I welcome the Director General’s visit as signifying the good will that exists between our organisations and the intention to continue fruitful collaboration.