GALVmed’s approach

Our vision of success is a world where markets supplying smallholder farmers function well and GALVmed’s funding and support is no longer needed. This makes us unique and different from many NGOs and charities. We aim to make targeted interventions that result in lasting and sustainable outcomes. These interventions also need to be replicable and scalable. Thus, sustainability and scalability inform our strategy and are key criteria in our choice of partners.

Our experience in commercial development has led us to an increased emphasis on collaborating with private sector partners who recognise the value in the smallholder market segment and wish to develop sustainable mechanisms for accessing this opportunity. In markets where the private sector is underdeveloped, we have, in the past, worked with other proven, credible and delivery-focused partners.

In product development, we go to where the best science is. This typically involves forming and facilitating partnerships with universities, research institutes and the private sector, including biotechnology companies.

Project expenditure by area, 2008–2018

GALVmed projects have involved mutually supporting activities to develop products and commercial markets, with product development demanding the largest share of expenditure.

The impact of our work in product and commercial development can sometimes be limited by policy and regulatory environments that present barriers to project delivery. We have established good links with policy makers and continually seek to build the right strategic partnerships to support our efforts to address policy bottlenecks. This often includes working with national medicines registration agencies to increase the efficiency of registration of veterinary products, government livestock departments, veterinary boards and councils and other global and regional organisations, such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and AU-IBAR, that have a mandate in addressing policy-related matters.

Our achievements are attributable to a long list of collaborators and partners, from governments to the private sector, the research community, vaccinators and livestock owners themselves. Our interventions continually aim to produce outcomes, through working in partnership, that are replicable, scalable and will carry on long after our involvement. Ultimately, our vision of success is a world where smallholder farmers in developing countries routinely use a suite of effective veterinary products to protect their livestock and, in turn, improve their livelihoods. Everything our partners accomplish is a step towards this.

Location of product and commercial development partners, 2008–2018

Our product and commercial development activities involve partners in 45 countries across six continents.