Executive summary

GALVmed has evolved over the past decade. While our raison d’être – facilitating sustainable adoption of animal health products by smallholder farmers in developing countries – remains the same, GALVmed’s approach to achieving this has significantly changed over the years. This has been possible mainly due to two factors. Firstly, adopting a deliberate learning agenda has enabled us to understand the context, learn from experience and apply the lessons learned. Secondly, we have had a flexible, professional and accommodating relationship with our donors who have been, and continue to be, learning partners.

We have matured and evolved from our inception, when activities were almost solely focused on research and development, to a period that saw the implementation of pilot field projects, to test and apply our understanding of commercial development, to our current efforts at establishing large-scale market-based commercial initiatives.

Everything that we have achieved has been through our partners. We are indebted to our varied and diverse partners, local and international. Their engagement and that of stakeholders in the livestock and smallholder sectors has been, and will continue to be, instrumental to ensuring sustainable adoption of animal health products at scale. The growing interest and enthusiasm of the animal health industry in the smallholder sector holds the promise of sustainable supply and adoption of quality animal health products at scale by smallholder farmers.

We have made great strides over the past decade. Ten products have been delivered and proof of concept achieved for a further eight products. Over 2.5 million households have been reached through commercialisation of eight products, 170 million doses of Newcastle Disease vaccine have been sold and 1.7 million cattle have been vaccinated against East Coast Fever. The estimated value of livestock disease mortalities that has been averted is USD 167 million.

We will continue to build on the achievements of the last 10 years and apply the lessons learned so that we improve the service that we, and our partners, offer, to meet the needs of smallholder farmers. Going forward, we have committed to delivering an ambitious and coherent programme of work that will make significant strides towards achieving the vision of better livestock health enabling smallholder farmers to improve their livelihoods. The major emphasis is on scale and a revised approach that reflects the reality of smallholder farming – the need for a comprehensive suite of animal health inputs that address the needs of a range of livestock species.

Among all of GALVmed’s valued partners, smallholder farmers most strongly influence the direction we take. Our work begins and ends with meeting the needs of smallholder farmers in developing countries.