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Malulu encourages ECF vaccination
I appreciate the vaccine. From the time I started I am a friend of the vaccine. I want it to be available to every tribe.”

Malulu Morongo is a village elder and in Mundara village in Longido District, a Maasai area, in Tanzania. He was one of the first Maasai to have his calves vaccinated against East Coast fever and each year he immunises over 200 more, and now has 700 cows.

Malulu’s children are in secondary school or college and he owns a car that helps transport water for his family and livestock.

His son Noah also vaccinated his livestock. He is thankful for the success of the vaccine, “I saw the mortality of the calves reduce. After observing that, the whole society here has come to use it. Almost 90 per cent in Mundara village use it”.

Noah was trained as a community animal health worker by an NGO. The community needs more of their people trained to assist with the livestock.

With their income, several people, including Noah, in Mundarara and other surrounding villages were able to invest in several community projects including a water reservoir in Mundarara village.