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Porcine Cysticercosis and African Swine Fever

PC Overview and Objectives

Two GALVmed facilitated Porcine Cysticercosis products, a registered therapeutic (oxfendazole) and an unregistered vaccine (TSOL 18) have recently commenced field trials to evaluate their joint potential as a public health tool in the control of human neurocysticercosis (treating and vaccinating pigs breaks the parasitic cycle responsible for neurocysticercosis). This work therefore represents an atypical strand of GALVmed strategy in that increased agricultural productivity is a secondary consideration after improved human health. The broad objectives for the period are:

  • Completing appropriate field trials to demonstrate the potential public health value.
  • Undertaking appropriate registration and commercialisation activities for both products.

Current and Future Programme Activities

  1. Four PC field trials will commence in 2015/6 in Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. These will provide a preliminary assessment of the viability of the TSOL 18 vaccine used in conjunction with Oxfendazole. Trials will be completed in late 2017.
  2. Favourable results for the above field trials will initiate a phase 2 programme of PC work. This will require a human health partner led consortium progressing the use and development of these products as public health tools, with GALVmed operating in a supporting capacity.
  3. Two TSOL 18 registration studies will soon commence in India. Resultant registration is likely to take place by the end of 2015. Registration in Nepal and African countries will be sought for the period 2018/19 period.
  4. For Oxfendazole, support will be provided to the current commercial partner for registration in additional African countries. An Asian commercial partner will be sought to facilitate availability in Nepal and India.
  5. In the future, there is potential for developing an enhanced PC vaccine with improved efficacy and/or as a combination product.

African Swine Fever (ASF) overview and objectives

GALVmed realises the threat to the livelihoods of small-scale pig owners imposed by ASF. Control tools for ASF do not currently exist in the market. Therefore GALVmed has worked with a UK research institute to provide an attractive package for commercialisation that comprises access to a prototype vaccine candidate and a permissive continuous cell line for viral growth. This limited project is nearing the stage of commercial partner selection if further data look promising.