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Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia, Sheep & Goat Pox, Rift Valley Fever and Peste des Petits Ruminants

Overview and Objectives

GALVmed is embarking upon a period of substantial increase in R&D activity targeting product development activities for small ruminants. This increased level of activity is considered in line with the requirements for this important species group in small-scale agriculture.

The objectives for the period encompass a range of activities including:

  • Assisting in wider registration in Africa for a PPR/SGP vaccine.
  • Improving the current production process for inactivated CCPP vaccine.
  • Completing PPR vaccine thermostabilisation work.
  • Developing a modified, live CCPP vaccine.
  • Developing a multivalent vaccine potentially covering PPR/SGP/CCPP and RVF.

Current and Future Programme Activities

  1. Independent of GALVmed activities, a PPR/SGP vaccine has been developed by a private partner and registered in Morocco. Once initial field trials are complete GALVmed will assist with the registration of this vaccine in applicable African countries and seek to align this product with the Global PPR Control Programme strategy.
  2. The current inactivated CCPP vaccine is manufactured by several African laboratories which produce very low yields. Vaccine process improvement will commence at the PANVAC Process Development Laboratory (PDL) and the resultant improved production process will be transferred to public and private manufacturers.
  3. Two separate PPR thermostabilisation programmes of work are currently underway. The first is investigating formulation work on a liquid PPR vaccine and is due for completion at the end of 2015. The second focuses on improved lyophilisation and is taking place at the PANVAC PDL laboratory and due for completion in early 2016. Successful developments with either process will result in transfer to commercial manufacturers.
  4. Development work on a new, modified live CCPP vaccine commenced in 2015.
  5. In future the development of a multivalent small ruminant vaccine combining PPR, SGP, CCPP and RVF (with possible regional variants adapted to suit local epidemiology) will be explored. This work will comprise numerous component elements and will commence with identifying the potential market size, developing a product development plan and Target Product Profile.