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Newcastle Disease and Fowlpox   Prior to 2015, GALVmed’s R&D work had a considerable Newcastle Disease (ND) focus. The key outputs from this work being the successful registration of thermotolerant I-2 and Lasota strains of ND vaccine.

Overview and Objectives

These products are now registered and in active use in the field or in the registration process.

The next steps include:

  • Broadening registrations into new geographies.
  • Facilitating transfer of appropriate ND technologies to commercial partners.
  • Investigating alternative approaches to achieve thermotolerance, including higher release titre vaccines.
  • Developing thermotolerance data on several commercially available attenuated ND vaccines.
  • Developing duration of immunity and in-use shelf-life data on several commercially available attenuated and inactivated ND vaccines.
  • Evaluation of Fowlpox (FP) vaccination options.
  • Process improvements and implementation with manufacturing partners.

Current and future programme activities

  1. Work to date has led to the successful development of a fast dissolving tablet formulation which has important potential benefits for ND vaccine administration in the field. GALVmed’s R&D will facilitate the transfer of this technology to a commercial partner.
  2. Investigating a range of technologies that may deliver effective and affordable thermotolerant ND vaccines for the small-scale sector. This includes higher release titres and assessment of patented desiccated particle technologies for possible application for village level use. The objective in these activities is to transfer technologies and processes to manufacturers enabling them to more effectively target the small-scale sector.
  3. GALVmed partners are currently working independently to potentially develop a dual ND-FP vaccine. GALVmed will remain open to further engaging in this process given adequate potential for progress. Additionally, alternatives methods of the current wing-stab method of FP vaccine application will be studied in order to comply with regulations pertaining to vaccinator application.