ONELab – Diagnostic Solution to Small-scale Poultry Farming

Chickens play a pivotal role in Africa as both a vital source of food and income. However, poultry diseases pose a substantial challenge to productivity, food security, and the economic progression of small-scale producers. Additionally, mistreatment and improper use of antibiotics to treat such diseases exacerbate the issue of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), crippling the development of the poultry sector.

In 2020, LAPROVET, a Ceva Santé Animale group company, partnered with GALVmed and launched the OneLab initiative, a programme to develop a network of private veterinary laboratories in Senegal to facilitate access to diagnostic tools. Through this initiative, a group of private veterinary doctors in Senegal was equipped and trained to conduct antimicrobial sensitivity tests. Since activities started in July 2021, more than 1,000 analyses have been performed.

The OneLab initiative contributes to reducing misdiagnosis and overuse of antibiotics, playing a crucial role in mitigating the threat of AMR, and safeguarding both animal and public health.