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Animal African Trypanosomosis

GALVmed partnership launches first-ever field test for animal Trypanosomia

A step closer to treating nagana

New drugs to fight nagana

East Coast Fever

Vaccine restores hope for cattle farmers

Newcastle Disease

Newcastle Disease vaccine: Creating new job opportunites and saving poultry in India

Newcastle Disease vaccine: Creating sustainability through a commercial delivery system

Malawian community vaccinator association_online

Indigenous poultry keeping is a growing business in rural western Kenya

New vaccine brings hope to north Cameroon

Improving poultry productivity in Nigeria

Chicken vaccine broadening economic avenues in Jharkhand state of India

Vaccinating chickens leads to better nutrition for communities in Jharkhand, India

Vaccines boost backyard poultry rearing in western Kenya (part 1)

Vaccines boost backyard poultry rearing in western Kenya (part 2)

Newcastle Disease – The business of poultry protection

Galvanising action against Newcastle Disease in Tanzania

Making markets to fight Newcastle Disease in Uganda

Recognising the vital role of community animal health workers

Vaccines creating new job opportunities and saving poultry in India

Poultry vaccination pays off for Indian farmers as demand increases

Regulatory harmonisation

Regulatory harmonisation: Improving access to safe, effective and quality veterinary medicines across East Africa

Sheep and Goat Pox

Fulani freed form the threat of PPR and SGP in Mali

Taking control: Tackling Sheep and Goat Pox

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