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Roy Woolley

Data Manager


Office: Edinburgh

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Role in GALVmed

Providing technical expertise and insight, I predominantly work in designing and analysing data from our various Monitoring and Evaluation studies. Through utilising data capture tools (e.g. Epicollect) and advanced data manipulation methods (e.g. R statistical programming), I help to ensure critical insights are gained from every one of our projects.

Joined GALVmed

25th May 2015




Masters in Chemical Physics (University of Edinburgh)

Relevant career highlights

I have worked in a variety of roles for a variety of companies (both prior to and after graduating), with focus often being numbers. This includes an internship for Procter and Gamble, environmental consultancy and even a kilt shop!


  • The Great Outdoors – mainly hillwalking
  • Conservation work with university group
  • Traction kiting (which is lots of fun, although you have to be wary of any streams you could be dragged head-first through)