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Rose Peter

Programme Manager, Animal African Trypanosomosis - Consultant

Phone: +27 (0)118 831 389

Office: Nairobi / Johannesburg

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Role in GALVmed

I am responsible for overall management of the GALVmed Tryps Programme. This includes: negotiation and management of contracts with funders and discovery/development partners; supervision and responsibility for programme staff, consultants, budgets and reporting; and exploring and identifying new opportunities for delivery of different African Animal Trypanosomosis products.

Joined GALVmed

September 2014


South African

Education & trainig

B.Sc in Botany, Zoology and Physiology University of Cape Town(1977)
BVSc, University of Pretoria (1982)

Relevant career highlights

Rose is a vet who has spent more than 20 years working in industry, initially as head of Research and Development for Bayer for Southern and sub-saharan Africa and more recently as a consultant for a number of veterinary and public health companies in market development and research. I have a particular interest in parasitology, pharmacology and vector control.