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Christophe Barnier-Quer

Regional Director, Research and Development

Office: Nairobi


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Role in GALVmed

Lead the TAHSSL Project for GALVmed.

Joined GALVmed

January 2020



Education & training

I completed a PhD in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Leiden, in The Netherlands. Recently, I gained an MBA from HEC Paris business school.

Relevant career highlights

I started working in the research field more than 10 years ago (in France and the Netherlands), investigating the impact of nanoparticles adjuvanted influenza vaccines on the immune response. A few years later, I moved to Switzerland and worked for a WHO collaborative centre at the University of Lausanne. Within this organisation I managed various adjuvanted vaccine development projects for both human and animal health. In addition, together with collaborators in Indonesia and Thailand, I was awarded several research grants to work on development related issues.

Driven by these experiences and enthusiastic about social business, I started an entrepreneurial project in Tanzania, to explore how vaccine delivery innovations could improve livestock vaccines availability at the last mile. By this mean, I was able to interact with the local stakeholders and understand their needs for better adapted vaccines. Consequently, I am very happy I was given the opportunity of joining GALVmed as I very much enjoyed working on these topics.


Nature and outdoor activities.