Home News General New chain of veterinary stores to be launched by key GALVmed partner

FARM-Africa, a key GALVmed partner, has just announced it has received funding to develop an innovative franchise model that will establish a chain of new veterinary stores in Kenya.

The US$5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be used to establish at least 150 stores across Kenya which will provide quality, accessible and affordable livestock services including clinical services, veterinary drugs, farm inputs, animal feeds and artificial insemination in Africa.

GALVmed has long recognised that simply developing new vaccines and other animal health products is not enough – effective strategies need to be developed to ensure these products are made available and accessible to poor livestock keepers on a sustainable basis. The new chain of vet stores being established by FARM-Africa should become an important element of the distribution and delivery network for many of the products developed with GALVmed’s support, starting with the East Coast fever vaccine.

Steve Sloan, Chief Executive of GALVmed, is quoted in FARM-Africa’s press release: “I am truly delighted to hear the news of FARM-Africa’s recent grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and both pleased and proud that GALVmed played a small part in the early days of this development. The work of GALVmed and FARM-Africa has always been seen as complementary and this development will significantly enhance the capacity to bring products to the market for the benefit of Africa’s poor farmers and to increase the sustainability of the income of livestock keepers.