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Innovative New Year greeting card combined with ‘mini annual report’

Many organisations send out Christmas or New Year greeting cards to their friends and partners. This year GALVmed opted to send a New Year card with a difference. Inside the card, in addition to a conventional greeting, is a list of GALVmed’s top 10 achievements during 2010. This new format adds value to a conventional greeting card, effectively serving as a mini annual report. The text read:

Working as an alliance in 2010 GALVmed took 10 more steps towards Protecting Livestock

GALVmed created new partnerships and networks that exploited its unique convening power by:

1 Spearheading new approaches with key agencies across Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, and setting up a broadly-based advisory structure drawing on experts from20 countries.

2 Dramatically increasing the profile and membership of the Community Animal Health Network (CAHNET) through partnership working with FARM-Africa.

GALVmed brought fresh energy that boosted vaccine production capacity in Africa by:

3 Providing critical support to the Africa Union livestock vaccine centre in Malawi to enable the centre to manufacture and supply quality-assured East Coast fever vaccine throughout the region in a sustainable manner and securing an additional US$ 6.9million grant from the European Commission to strengthen vaccine labs in Botswana, Cameroon, DRC, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Senegal.

4 Bringing new skills into the equation. Through the Zoetis Fellowship Program, three experts in different aspects of vaccine production and marketing have been seconded to GALVmed for six months.

GALVmed pioneered the introduction of innovative and essential knowledge management tools by:

5 Linking experts across the continent through compilation of a database of veterinary vaccine regulatory authorities and also nearing completion of a global database of veterinary vaccines in an innovative partnership with the Innocul8 team at Moredun Research Institute, Scotland.

GALVmed broke down barriers to the introduction of new vaccines by:

6 Organizing the first Pan-African meeting of veterinary vaccines regulators, brokering an agreement that mutual recognition should be the first step towards harmonisation and formulating roadmaps for technical and political support at all levels.

7 Developing and using a robust model for exploiting intellectual property and obtaining Freedom to Operate for the benefit of poor livestock keepers.

8 Increasing the awareness of financial incentives, such as Advanced Market Commitments, to stimulate investment in animal health by the private and public sector.

9 Demonstrating proof-of-concept for a combination vaccine for Rift Valley fever and starting registration trials; developing the most appropriate formulation of oxfendazole for the treatment of porcine cysticercosis and successfully conducting animal trials for registration; and driving the process that led to the first registration of the East Coast fever Infection and Treatment Method (ECF-ITM) vaccine in Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania.

And finally GALVmed started to have real life changing impact by making vaccines available to poor livestock keepers:

10 More than 100,000 Maasai cattle in Tanzania have already been vaccinated with the ECF-ITM vaccine and models for the sustainable delivery of Newcastle disease vaccine in Africa and Asia have been developed and implemented, thereby …Saving Human Life