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During 2010 GALVmed underwent a period of rapid growth. This saw it evolve from a small start-up that had been highly successful in raising funds to emerging as a major player in the international livestock health field.

Real progress was made towards its long-term goal of making available a number of new animal health products for neglected livestock diseases. Large steps forward were taken both at a technical level and in creating the necessary enabling environment through beginning to address capacity building needs and policy and institutional constraints, especially in Africa.

New staff members were recruited to cope with the burgeoning work load and activities took off in multiple locations around the world. By the end of 2010, more than 30 staff members located in Africa, Asia and Europe were working collaboratively with numerous partner organisations and short and long-term consultants, and a large number of high-calibre advisors were serving on the board and on various advisory committees. Managing the GALVmed team quickly became increasingly complex, challenging and time consuming.

The year 2011 will also see GALVmed coming to the end of its first major grant, which was jointly provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK’s Department for International Development. Developing the next grant proposal will represent a significant workload and a successful outcome is vital if GALVmed is to continue protecting livestock – saving human life.

To cope with this impressive evolution and growth, and the new challenges that come with it, at their last meeting in November the GALVmed board approved a new management structure.

Under this new arrangement Steve Sloan will remain as GALVmed’s CEO.

A new position of Temporary General Manager has been created to manage and coordinate GALVmed’s day-to-day business and ensure the large and widely dispersed team remain on track, hitting their milestones on time. Simon Rhodes has been appointed to fulfil this role, initially for 6 months from 1 December. The Senior Directors for Research and Development, and Policy & External Affairs, and the Director of Finance will report directly to Simon.

This new management team combines highly complementary skills and experience – Steve’s gained largely in the voluntary and charity sector, and Simon’s gained in the pharmaceutical industry encompassing both technical and management roles. Some members of the GALVmed team will already know Simon from his previous involvement in human resources work in the organisation.

Steve Sloan said:
“I am really pleased that Simon has joined us as our organisation is in a period of growth and is maturing. Simon is well known to us because of his earlier consultancy support and his skills are already adding value to our focus.”

Simon Rhodes added:
I’m delighted to be part of the GALVmed team, to be working towards a noble cause, and at a particularly interesting and busy time.  I’m looking forward to learning as well as applying my experience“.