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(10 August 2018, Edinburgh, UK)-The Board of GALVmed is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Carolin Schumacher as the new Chief Executive Officer of GALVmed. Carolin was appointed following a rigorous and open recruitment process from a pool of promising candidates.

Dr. Peter Jeffries, current Chief Executive of GALVmed since 2013, announced in April 2018 his intention to retire. Peter successfully managed GALVmed through challenging periods of change and leaves a cohesive team and an organization with a solid base for future growth.

GALVmed, in close cooperation with the donors and numerous partners, has the ambition to significantly enhance the access of smallholder farmers to animal health products and solutions in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. In the first 10 years of its existence GALVmed has built up unique experience in developing animal health products and creating models to provide access to the products up to and including the “last mile”. GALVmed will continue to focus its efforts on extending the reach of smallholder farmers to animal health solutions through partnerships with regional and global private sector organizations.

Carolin Schumacher has a proven track-record in the management of business, global partnerships and stakeholder relations, essential to creating growth through innovative inclusive business models. She will, as from 1st of November 2018, have the opportunity to be introduced to GALVmed and interact with GALVmed staff and Board during a 2-weeks hand-over period. Carolin will effectively take over from Peter Jeffries as the Chief Executive Officer of GALVmed on the 19th November 2018.

The Board of GALVmed has great respect for Peter Jeffries in his commitment to GALVmed. Even before becoming the Chief Executive Officer, Peter significantly contributed, representing a founding member and as a trustee, to shape the organization. Peter is highly appreciated as a valued guiding hand within GALVmed, having managed and developed the organization into a team of dedicated experts, able to bridge the gap between the large commercial world and smallholder farmers.

The Board expresses its gratitude to Peter Jeffries for all his contributions to GALVmed since its inception, for successfully managing the organization since 2013 and for his flexibility, in both timing and approach, during the process of the recruitment of his successor.

Board of GALVmed,

Prof. Ola Smith, Co-Chair
Dr. Paul van Aarle, Co-Chair