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25 November 2010

GALVmed recently took part in the Third International Conference on Neglected Zoonotic Diseases: Community based interventions for prevention and control of NZDs, which was held at the WHO Headquarters, Geneva from 23 to 24 November 2010.

Dr Johan Vanhemelrijck, GALVmed’s European Advisor,
interviewed at the WHO zoonotic disease conference

Dr Johan Vanhemelrijck, GALVmed’s European Advisor, gave a presentation on behalf of CEO Steve Sloan on zoonotic disease vaccine development. It was part of the session on public private partnerships for neglected zoonotic disease control and prevention and poverty reduction.

The Neglected Zoonotic Diseases conference attracted nearly 100 participants, representing all the disciplines involved at the human-animal heath interface from all continents.  The stated purpose of the conference was to mobilize high level interest and support, particularly from the public health and agriculture sectors as well as the donor communities, for the control and elimination, when feasible, of these diseases in all places where they represent a significant public and/or animal health burden.

In a filmed interview recorded at the conference Johan briefly reviews GALVmed’s progress over the past five years, emphasises the importance of zoonotic diseases in the GALVmed portfolio, and describes GALVmed’s brokering role and the way it works through broad alliances of partners.

Commenting on the conference Johan said:

There is a lot of high-level discussion and lots of reports will be written…what GALVmed has chosen to do is act – and that is a big difference.”


The conference is a follow up to the previous meeting held in Geneva in 2005, and Nairobi in 2007.

It was organized by the WHO with the support of the DFID-funded Research Into Use (RIU) programme, the Integrated Control of Neglected Zoonoses (ICONZ) programme and the Directorate-General Research in EC in close collaboration with Stamp out Sleeping Sickness (SOS) in the University of Edinburgh, the Tropical Disease Research (TDR) programme with the participation of FAOInternational Livestock Research Institute and The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).