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Marry builds a secure future with ECF vaccination
After the vaccination, I have been gaining a lot of calves which I sell for school fees. I can now budget for school fees as I know the calves will be fine.”
Marry lives in Mairowa village in Longido District, a Maasai area, in Tanzania and is head of its women’s organisation. She had only 10 cows before she had her herd vaccinated against East Coast fever.  She now has 60 cows.  East Coast fever has a high mortality rate with cows and the disease is rife in many parts of Tanzania.

When I had 10 cows it was not really enough, life was very poor and there was not enough food. With just 10 cows, I couldn’t sell the cows and get money. Now I have bought land for cultivation for maize and beans so there is more food for the family,” says Marry. Now she would like a tractor to cultivate the land.

Marry uses the income from her livestock to send her nine children to school. She feels secure in her future because of the vaccinations and plans build a new home for her family.