900m lives depend on livestock

GALVmed makes livestock vaccines, medicines and diagnostics accessible and affordable to the millions in developing countries for whom livestock is a lifeline

About GALVmed

Newcastle Disease (ND) is a highly contagious disease of poultry that can kill 80-90% of infected birds.

25 million doses of ND vaccine have been sold throughout GALVmed-initiated projects since 2012.

Typical ND vaccine market price = $0.04 per dose. Typical value of bird save = $4.

ND vaccine sales have saved approx. 2mil ND fatalities and typically represent a return on investment to the farmer of 15:1.

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Our work

Product development

GALVmed specialises in product development partnerships uniquely established to translate global research progress into tangible livestock disease control tools for the developing world.

Market development

Our work with our partners supports the poor livestock keepers of the world.

Policy and advocacy

The policy environment is a key determinant in the successful translation of research products to livestock health solutions that are sustainably available to smallholder farmers.


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