Livestock is an important entry point for promoting women’s empowerment.

In the rural areas of the state of Bihar, India groups of local women, known as Pashu Sakhis, are trained to provide basic animal health care to their communities. In 2019, GALVmed and its partners, Veterinary Social Business division of Hester Biosciences Limited, and Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotional Society (BRLPS) held a joint training program for the Pashu Sakhis on the importance of vaccination, deworming and basic goat husbandry practices. 

For Pashu Sakhis’ potential to be fully realised, access to veterinary services is crucial. GALVmed-Hester South Asia initiative aims to strengthen the distribution mechanisms which will increase the supply of quality veterinary medicines and vaccines so that women can continue to take better care of their livestock and improve the livelihoods of their families.