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GALVmed’s ultimate goal is simple – that we are no longer needed! Our model is based on developing products to meet the needs of small-scale livestock producers and passing them over to others to manufacture and distribute. It’s based on helping to fix broken or inefficient markets then letting the market take over. It’s based on advocating the benefits of vaccines and other animal health products then letting farmers recognise the value for themselves.

Our aspirations

In the final analysis, decisions around animal health are largely economic decisions: a farmer recognises that control of disease makes sense as his or her animal does not die, grows more quickly, continues to produce milk, lays more eggs – that has a value for which the farmer will pay if the case is carefully presented and the veterinary profession increasingly takes up the challenge of ensuring provision of professional services to rural areas across Africa and South Asia.

One day, the right products will be readily available to small-scale livestock producers at a fair price. Animal health providers will recognise the importance of the small-scale producer and the importance of disease control. It will happen and GALVmed wants to be instrumental in bringing it about.

Until then, GALVmed will continue to focus its efforts on understanding the animal health needs of the communities in which we work, efficiently managing product development partnerships and encouraging the proper use of animal health products through our collaborators at field level.