Impact study of dewormers in goats and chickens in India and Tanzania

GALVmed recently commissioned a study to comparatively assess weight gain in poultry and small ruminants following treatment or non-treatment with dewormers.

Intestinal parasites (helminths) pose a considerable burden to the smallholder livestock farmer. Dewormers (anthelminthics) should therefore be a regularly administered veterinary product. Current and future GALVmed market development initiatives all promote the use of dewormers.

What is not known is the beneficial impact, in terms of improved smallholder productivity and profitability, arising from the use of these dewormers.

There is currently very little published data from the smallholder setting on this and therefore very little by which impact can be reasonably estimated or modelled.

With this in mind GALVmed commissioned this field study to generate data on the effect of dewormers on smallholder livestock. The study focused on a comparison of weight gain between treated and non- treated poultry and small ruminants. The locations were smallholder settings in rural Tanzania and India.

A summary of the study can be found in the document Dewormer Study Cover Sheet.

The full study report can be found in Dewormer Study Report.

A PowerPoint presentation describing the study can seen in Dewormer Study Presentation.

(Note: Only India data is shown in the presentation. See the full report for the full data.)

The study raw data can be downloaded from the following Dewormer Data.